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Sports Predictor

Tired of listening to the pundits going on about some team having "85.6% chance to win the league." Figure out the odds yourself.

EPL Top 4 Table Predictor

A fast and easy way to predict the English Premier League race for a spot in the "Top 4". Check out the upcoming schedule to the end of the year. Predict the Result. See if your club will make it to the Champions League or be stuck fighting on Thursdays for the UEFA Cup.

2018 EPL Relegation Race Predictor

The battle to stay up in the English Premier League is a fierce one this year. While WestBrom is certain to go down, WestHam, Southampton, and Crystal Palace are fighting to avoid the final two spots of shame.

2018 EFL Promotion Race Predictor

Winning promotion to the English Premier League is worth more than winning the World Cup. Wolves and Cardiff will be facing ManCity and ManU next year. That leaves one spot for 8 teams still battling for the playoffs. Check out the odds. Predict.

Bundesliga Top 4 Table Predictor

While Bayern's 1st place is guaranteed, only a few points separate 5 clubs that are kicking each other to avoid playing on Thursday nights. See the Bundesliga schedule. Make your predictions. Have fun.

Serie A Top 4 Table Predictor

Juventus will likely win Serie A, but Napoli is still in it. And that leaves only two Champions League spots for Roma, Lazio, Inter, and Milan. Check out the upcoming schedule. Predict the Result. See if your club will make it to the Champions League.

La Liga Predictor

This is the easy one. No calculations necessary. The Top 4 for La Liga are Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and Valencia.

World Cup Predictor

The World Cup is this June. That means FIFA's pockets have been lined, and Putin is getting ready to show what a great country is Russia. Can't wait.